aokae develops exercise that strengthens the creative muscle

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aokae develops exercise that strengthens the creative muscle

The IDEA_formwork trains the ability to create under the pressure of constraints and surface novel approaches and ideas

Seattle, WA – August 08, 2020 – aokae is announcing the release of the IDEA_formwork, which is an exercise for the creative process. Starting with inputs, you assign attributes and interpret stimuli that you encounter. Through some blackbox process, dots are connected and leaps of inference are made. From there you formulate questions and hypotheses, providing the seeds for creative acts. Using these as prompts, you bring to bear all that you are to create things, thus closing the loop between inputs and outputs.

“We feel creating is like a muscle” said Timothy Ardena, Creative Director at aokae, “similar to a physical system, so what better way to force adaptations than with positive stressors.”

The IDEA_formwork is multi-step, time-based, exercise that is streamlined and presented on the aokae site. The steps outlined can be practiced whether online or offline, digital or analog. There is a two-prong stimulus in what the IDEA_formwork exercise attempts to strengthen. First, the ability to distill component attributes from visual images. Secondly, to incubate and then output an artifact. All of this while, under the constraints of a time limit. The name IDEA_formwork is an acronym for the actual process: “Image Distillation Envisioned Artifact.” The latter portion is inspired by the construction technique of concrete. How a form is created, amorphous material is poured in and then allowed to catalyze, producing a final product in the end.


The IDEA_formwork can be found at The complete exercise, including templates, images, and timers are available online. Please visit to learn more.

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aokae is a Seattle based design studio focusing on flow implements


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