༼ ಠ ͟ʖ ಠ ༽

Love using trace?

Not a fan of the random ways to cut it?

Yeah, sounds familiar


Using these to cut trace?

For as advanced as design has progressed, we are still using arcane and inefficient means to cut trace.

What’s with that?


Resorting to hand tearing?

In the heat of ideation, sometimes we just can’t find anything in time to cut trace, thus the non-orthagonal edge is born.

Yeah, that’s the story of my life


Streamlined trace usage

Imagine using trace at the speed of thought, without always searching for something to cut it, or worse yet, trying to tear it by hand.

I live for flow states


The future of trace is coming

Yes, I want to be first to learn about how using trace can be more streamlined.